The Last Rose of Summer

The Northwest has been gifted with very unseasonable sunny weather for the last couple of weeks. And it is glorious. We've also had a bit of wind so some of my favorite colorful trees are mostly naked now. There are some stubborn holdouts. The other great thing is that I can hear kids outside playing. Never mind that their parents probably shoved their post- Halloween sugar high selves out the door and locked it! Later today I'll be doing the great Halloween put-away. As I was walking Billy the other day, I took this picture of the last rose of summer.
There are still a couple of buds that think they're going to make it, but given that it really is November, they may not.
I love the colors of strawberry plants in the fall. The one below made strawberries this summer for the first time in years. Sadly, it didn't really get enough sun and the berries were kind of terrible. And now it's beautiful.
In a moment of possible insanity, I decided to m…

Beauty of October

I'm having trouble dealing with the fact that it's already October.  This is actually one of my favorite months.  I love the colors and (usually) the warm days and cooler nights.  There are still fresh fruits and vegetables and I have dahlias blooming.  I want to quilt, knit, craft and paint it all.  I'd really like an extra day in the week where I didn't have to shop, or cook or clean.  I could just do all the fun stuff. A girl can dream.

While the Southeast is setting heat records this week, it's been cool and a bit rainy here.  It seems colder than it should be, but as Sweet Husband reminds me, it IS October.  I put away my summer clothes in the hopes that it would bring back some warmer weather. But no, it definitely didn't work.  My tomatoes didn't do much this year, partly because of the weather and partly due to my being out of town a lot.  Still, they're pretty colorful.  Also, home grown is so tasty.

Barb and I attended the Northwest Quilt Exp…

Falling into Fall

It appears that fall has come to stay.  Naturally, I have about a million green tomatoes.  My plants took forever to get going.  There will be a bunch of fried green tomatoes in our future.

  I started putting my summer clothes away this morning and then the sun came out.  Now it's cloudy again.  I'm so confused.

 On the happy side, the little rose I thought I killed off last fall survived and is still blooming.

The last three weeks have just flown by as I took two trips to Southern Oregon.  I went with Barb the first time and saw a play at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, visited my mom and messed with getting her house ready to hit the market.  The second time Sweet Husband and I went to check the progress on the house, which is going ever so slowly.  It seems that it's a challenge to keep everyone who's working on the house on task from 300 miles away.  We also got to celebrate Mom's 90th birthday.  She's less than thrilled about the big 90, but seems other…

A New Blog

It's already the third week of August and I really don't know how we got here so fast.  Life is just flying by.  Not only that, but I forgot to take meat out of the freezer this morning so we may be having pancakes for dinner tonight.  Luckily, Sweet Husband doesn't complain about our occasional episodes of breakfast for dinner.
      Right at the moment, my usual blogging area on our website tells me that it's having technical difficulties.  I don't know if it can be fixed, but I don't have time to call them today to figure it out.  For the time being, I'll just talk from here.
      It actually tried to rain today which is unusual for August around here.  It turned out to be barely a mist and we are assured that 90 degree weather is on the way since school starts next week.  I'll miss hearing the kids playing outside around the neighborhood which is easy for me to say since my youngest is about to turn 38.  If you'll be dancing in the stree…